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Welcome to, your experienced specialist for craftsmen and window construction supplies from Bonn. In our shop you will find the necessary accessories for the professional and expert installation of glazing.

What do I need glazing packers for?

These little helpers are essential for the professional installation of windows and doors. At first glance they seem colourful, but above all they have important functions: as packers they prevent contact between the frame and the glass pane, so that the glass can "move" in the frame and no cracks can occur. This is because both windows and frames - regardless of whether they are made of wood or plastic - work after installation and are also exposed to high demands due to various weather conditions. They expand when it is warm and contract when it is cold. In addition, glazing packers fix the pane in the frame.

They also play an important role as support for rebate ventilation and as vapour pressure compensation. Plastic glazing packers thus reduce the risk of mould formation and prevent additional tension on the glass. Without them, the glass would break more quickly and windows would warp faster. These are many tasks for such a seemingly inconspicuous part. Accordingly, the blocks used should be of high quality and durable.

Our assortment at

Here at you will find a large assortment of high-quality and stable plastic glazing packers. Your advantage is the high resistance, the dimensional stability and the favourable price.
Our glass packers are available in different designs and also as a set. The range includes different thicknesses and widths so that you can find the right properties for every window. Since windows have not only become wider but also more individual in recent years, we are constantly expanding our range of different sizes and thicknesses. If you really can't find the right dimensions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our plastic glazing packers range at a glance

Let the quality of our products convince you:

- high resistance
- resistance to ageing
- dimensional stability
- ift-tested quality
- Compatibility of edges
- Durability
- 109 different variants for every glass installation
- Widths from 20mm to 60mm
- thicknesses from 1mm to 6mm
- each version is identified by a different colour
- Made in Germany


Thanks to their high quality, the plastic glass packers can be used not only for blocking glass panes. Craftsmen such as carpenters or metal workers also appreciate their robustness when aligning ceilings, wall constructions and door frames.

Why buy glass blocks at

As assembly professionals and craftsmen, we know how important good, but also affordable quality is. Our claim is to reliably offer both to our customers.
We are not only proud of our large and high-quality assortment of glass packers, we are also proud of our good service. We don't care if you need single boxes (1000 pieces per box) or larger quantities of glass packers: our delivery is free of charge and is carried out promptly by DHL after the order. This means that you will usually receive your ordered goods on the following day after dispatch.
We also offer convenient payment options via Paypal, direct debit or credit card. Satisfied customers are our incentive - a smooth, fast and secure process of your order is therefore particularly important to us.
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