Directly from the factory and without intermediaries, production in Germany and delivery on the exact day, cheap, safe, fair and with a wide range of guarantees. This enabled me to create and maintain a corporate culture that has optimally positioned our entire company for the future, from development through production to shipping. 

As captain of the whole, I believe that a good knowledge of the market, motivated employees, know-how, a long-term view, a solid base and perseverance pay off in today's world. Not only for us as a company, but especially for you as our customer.

Like so many things in life, a small glazing block may seem inconspicuous and unimportant. But on the other hand, it is infinitely important. In every window, in every door and in countless building elements, he does his duty modestly and without glory. And our customers process many thousands of glazing blocks every day in Germany alone.

Why use dubious cheap stuff (even more expensive than our quality glazing blocks) that will ultimately jeopardize the results of your work and possibly ruin your reputation. We give you the complete guarantee that our glazing blocks meet the highest requirements. Craftsmen like you who handle it every day, the factory that processes tens of thousands every week or the wholesalers we supply confirm our philosophy day after day. 

We know that you gave your customers your word of honor as a craftsman. And just as they relate to you, you can rely on us. Promised! All of our employees are personally responsible for this and I will even give my head to it.

And because the development of our company does not stand still, we will continue to guarantee you not only the best glazing blocks, but also, as always, the best price and excellent service from advice and ordering to receiving your order, spurred on by constant annual growth and countless discussions with customers .

At Montageprofis24, the glazing blocks get the attention they deserve.
We look forward to welcoming you as our customer.

Daniel Helmut Pinger