I, Daniel Helmut Pinger, am an entrepreneur by conviction. Because I have preserved a corporate culture that is fast, absolutely professional and well positioned for the future. I did this preliminary work for you! and the glazing blocks!

I believe that staying power, a lot of time and investing in quality makes it affordable. Not only for me, but especially for you as my customer.

The impact is enormous.

satisfaction and customer feedback

The glazing block is so inconspicuous. It is in every window and in every door. It is available in countless components. And you process thousands more of them every day in Germany alone. In different sizes and widths. Glazing blocks in different colors.

Glass blocks, as they are also called, deserve to be taken seriously. Get the highest quality. Constantly looking for new improvements. And to guarantee you not only the best glass block but also the best service and price.

And so I went ahead. I have adopted the glazing block product for several years. Talked to customers and developed, tested and further developed every day.

And the journey is far from over

Glazing blocks get the attention they deserve. And how many customers have I phoned who continue to stick with expensive wooden blocks just because they have had a bad experience with a glazing block? There were clearly many.

Damage that doesn't have to be

This caused damage where a poorly produced glazing block, for example on an insulating glass edge seal, dissolved the sealant. immense damage. And if you have to replace windows at a construction site, the economic damage is always immense. With 10 windows or even several hundred. The glazing block must not lead to any function-impairing malfunction.

A glazing block not only has to score points in the test procedure. He has to appeal to the fitter on the construction site just as much as he does to the buyer or the managing director.

So we devote a lot of time together to the glazing block. He is constantly challenged again. A block can also be run over by a road roller. If he hasn't borne any marks here, we know he's perfect.

evidence and promises

So we not only give you a service promise. No, not just a best price promise. We give you what we want as a customer. Reliability in every respect.

Our glazing blocks are continuously checked and tested for the. And you get this proof of compatibility and also pressure loads. So you can not only be convinced by many words but also by independent institutes.