Glazing packers manufacturer


Why buy directly from the glazing packers manufacturer?

Every now and then the question is asked why one should buy directly from the glazing packers manufacturer. But the question should better be: What reason is there not to do so?
If you as a customer buy directly from Montageprofis24, the German manufacturer of glazing packers, you will benefit in many ways.

Although many advantages are obvious, others may not be immediately apparent.

  • Super low price (compare yourself!)
  • German brand quality / Made in Germany
  • Sustainability / environmental protection / future
  • Material safety
  • Standard colours for standard thicknesses
  • Current test certificates
  • Extensive guarantees
  • Wide range (lengths, thicknesses, special blocks)
  • Delivery on the next day*
  • Smallest quantities can be ordered
  • Large orders no problem
  • Many years of know-how
  • Glazing packers at a super price

First and immediately visible is the (almost too) low price. If you have bought glazing packers elsewhere in the past and still remember the old prices, you will certainly have noticed our low prices immediately. But why are our glazing packers so cheap? Because we avoid middlemen, we can offer you our glazing packers at incredibly low prices. Because when you buy directly, no middlemen can add their price surcharges. That's why you buy directly from Montageprofis24 at the factory price and save real money.

Expect the best from your glazing packers manufacturer.

Secondly, we produce our glazing packers here in Germany. Fast delivery times without bottlenecks and preserves local jobs. As a manufacturer of glazing packers, we rely on polypropylene (PP). Because PP offers material properties like hardly any other material. To name just a few: They are heat resistant, hard but elastic enough, cold impact resistant, absolutely resistant to moisture and have a low coefficient of expansion. Because the material is 100% recyclable, no waste is produced during production that would pollute our beautiful nature.

Moreover, continuous quality controls guarantee our consistently high quality, which also deserves the Made in Germany seal. Recognised test certificates attest to the accuracy of fit, maximum load-bearing capacity, material strength and composition as well as dimensional stability.

Only when such a small component as a glazing packers does its job perfectly can your entire composite be perfect. Our quality promise is your guarantee to protect you and your customer from economic damage and to maintain your good name.

More than a glazing block manufacturer

Thirdly, we are not just some injection moulding company in Germany that produces plastic parts. Rather, we have top-notch people from the trade, that is, from the glazing industry, who are at your service far beyond ordering glazing packers. As a glazing packers manufacturer, we have the know-how to answer all your questions. Furthermore, due to our many years of experience, we have a wealth of information at our disposal and can provide you with help and advice at any time.

The colour coding of our glazing packers corresponds to the standard of the German Craftsmen's Association. This means that the different thicknesses can be quickly distinguished even in the hectic pace of daily work.

Regardless of the order quantity you need, we can supply you. Whether you are a large customer or only need a few glazing packers, contact us directly and we will make your desired quantity possible. Send us an email or simply call us so that you have the right glazing block at hand for every situation.

Montageprofis24 makes it easy for you

Who enjoys muddling through forms, uploading certificates and filling in thousands of fields? We know that you have enough on your plate with your daily work. That's why we make buying glazing blocks as easy as possible.

In our shop, you'll find what you're looking for in seconds. Enter the quantity, check out and you're done. As a rule, you can install your new blocks the next day*. So you can devote yourself entirely to your customers and your excellent work.

Because of our personal commitment to providing excellent service, you can always count on prompt responses and solutions should you ever have a special request or problem.

The most important point is that all these benefits are yours without any ifs and buts. Because you can order the best glazing blocks with all the advantages here without having to worry about what alternatives there might be. And if you still have any doubts, you can of course contact us directly or let the top marks from Rosenheim speak for themselves.